A Residential Recording Studio built by musicians with musicians comfort in mind

The Furnace is a Residential Recording studio with on-site accommodation for up to 8 people. The studio has 3 separate recording rooms as well as a control room with natural light. All of the rooms have been mathematically designed to have a specific acoustic character and response so that you can choose the right room for each instrument or voice to suit your songs and vision. There is also line of sight between all 4 of the main rooms in the studio so you can have separation whilst you record but still be able to interact with the other musicians.

Everything has been built to make recording comfortable and relaxing with plenty of space both in the studio and accommodation. When you hire The Furnace, the whole building is yours and you can use any of our equipment and instruments without any additional charges.

For larger groups of musicians we have a separate 2 bedroom house about 3 minutes away from the studio which can be hired and we’ve also negotiated with the local spa (about 4 mins away from the studio) so that you can enjoy a traditional Finnish style sauna and massage whilst you’re here.

The Furnace is a state-of-the-art, multi-purpose, pro-audio, digital recording studio and audio production house based in Bulgaria. We focus on the 3 R’s:


We got tired of small, expensive Western European recording studios so we did something about it by building a big but affordable studio in Eastern Europe… Against the backdrop of open Bulgarian countryside, The Furnace is the perfect studio getaway for you to record audio without distractions, yet it’s close enough to the city so that you can do all the things musicians like doing at night.


Whatever sound you decide to record, it’s a universal fact that rehearsal space is cheaper than recording. With that in mind its worth booking some time at the studio you are recording at before the session starts, to polish your performance – even if its songs you’ve been playing for a while.



Here at The Furnace we’ve created a comfortable environment for when the day’s recording is over. The Furnace accommodation can house eight people comfortably, and we also have properties within a few minutes’ walk if you need more room.

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