Best recording studios

So what makes a good recording studio? What doesn’t make a good recording studio is concrete slapped on the walls in a vain attempt to soundproof it, or having some cheap microphones and recording equipment. In other words, home recording studios. These are useless, their only eventual purpose after frustrating you for a time will be to serve as a reminder that you tried to cut corners and ended up paying double for it.


Any professional recording studio is worth its weight in gold, but what makes a recording studio professional? The term ‘professional’ implies experience, the ability to overcome obstacles, and a guarantee of high quality. The best recording studios will first and foremost have a choice of recording rooms, that is, they will not confine recording to a single main room. Also, a great recording studio’s rooms will not only be perfectly soundproofed, but will also be correctly treated, allowing the musicians to hear the raw sound of their music without being encumbered by echoes.


The best recording studios will ideally be located far away from busy areas. Most musicians believe that having no distractions allows them to produce their greatest work. While it is necessary to sometimes cut loose during a deep recording session, it is best to keep on a roll when recording, any interruptions could set the session back.


In the modern era, with the internet having such an influence on our lives, no recording studio should be without a website that details exactly who they are and why they should be your number one choice. The website should tell you how much it costs straight out, as no one likes to be hit with surprise fees. Also, they should give a vivid description of their various rooms and services.

While there are many recording studios with great pedigree, the ones that stand out are the ones that provide the facilities expected of the premier studios, but are still affordable to the regular musician. There are many UK studios that meet the former standard, but not the latter. Studios with the best equipment generally charge prices far beyond the reach of most artists. However, Eastern Europe is now home to a multitude of new recording studios that offer you everything that a UK studio offers, plus free accommodation, but for a far lesser price.


So, in summation, the best recording studios will be the ones that go beyond your expectations. They will have dedicated sound engineers, the best available instruments and recording equipment, a choice of recording rooms, free accommodation, be far from distractions yet be inexpensive enough to be within the financial reach of the average musician.