Why record at a recording studio in Bulgaria

You are probably reading this in your cosy living room somewhere far away from Eastern Europe. You have probably never been to that part of the world, and your opinion of it is based on stories regarding the ‘Iron Curtain’ and the old Soviet Union. If that’s your impression, then you couldn’t be more wrong!


For example, Bulgaria is a beautiful country situated in Southeast Europe and is rich in culture and history. It has been awarded the highest marks available by Freedom House which noted the complete freedom of political ideas and civil liberties, the antithesis of those clichéd stories you have been told about this region. Also, it is not habitually covered in snow. In fact, it enjoys very high temperatures in the summer and has become a popular tourist destination.


For most musicians, chaos and anarchy are only displayed while on tour, when the time comes to record, they generally like tranquillity which is conducive to great tracks. Recording studios in Bulgaria offer just that, such as the Furnace Residential Recording Studio. Here, you are far from the madding crowd and surrounded by beautiful scenery. Surely, there is no better location to produce classic work?


Another reason to go to a recording studio in Bulgaria is the cost of living. Bulgaria has some of the cheapest food, beverages and accommodation prices in the whole of Europe. To say you will stretch your money further here is an understatement. For example, if you are in desperate need of a beer after a hard recording session, you can purchase a litre of delicious beer for the equivalent of less than €0.80. In Western European countries this would cost upwards of €5.00.

And these great prices also extend as far as your studio rates. Studios in Bulgaria can charge as little as €190 per day, with this price dropping the longer you stay. Amazingly, this also includes accommodation and a sound engineer. You simply wouldn’t get this kind of service anywhere in Western Europe or the United States. Indeed, you wouldn’t even get the studio hire alone for that price. The low cost of living also enables Bulgarian recording studios to purchase the absolute best quality equipment, so they are the match of any recording studio anywhere.


So, cast aside your pre-conceived notions about Bulgaria and the region in which it is located. Book cheap flights over, enjoy the scenery, the ambiance, and the highest quality recording studio equipment and service that can cater for any budget.