At The Furnace we want to encourage creativity and work with artists who really love what they do. Our recording rates aren’t set in stone because no two artists or records are the same.


What’s included in The Furnace Studio package?


Full residential recording studio use including accommodation for up to eight people, rehearsal space, living space and sound engineer for £179 per day. Our studio sessions run for 10 hours rather than the traditional 8 hours that most studios do so our hourly rate is only £17.90 an hour and you get the accommodation and engineer included in that. 12 hour day rates can be offered on request.


Obviously you will be here for more than a day and the longer the booking the lower the price. We tailor your recording package to your needs so get in touch to find out what we can do for you. We do offer studio lock downs for up to a month at a time if booked in advance at extremely competitive rate.


Something that you might want to consider is booking some extra time before you start recording to get out here and rehearse. We can offer a low rate if you want to bolt on some rehearsal time before the start of your studio recording session.


The price of food and drink here in Bulgaria is much lower than in Western Europe which will dramatically decrease your recording spend and make The Furnace an extremely cheap place to produce your next record.


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